September 30, 2010


point and shoot camera bag*

a handmade gift for my daughter

* Zakka sewing

September 12, 2010


kids clothes grew out the small hangers

cherry pit pillow inspired by Farbenmix

August 20, 2010


the gifts of nature

Best use an ornamental grass called prairie fire, which happens to grow in our backyard (stop by when you're around!). It bends easily and doesn't cut into skin.

August 08, 2010


Collected during our stay at the Canadian Westcoast.

Small pieces of drift wood, decoratively put together on a quiet morning.

Adding holiday feelings to our house.

July 28, 2010







April 22, 2010

flowers in the tin

*just punch some holes in the bottom of the tins and two more on the top of the sides to adjust string
*fill them half with soil
*add your favourit bulbs and more soil
*water occasionally
*and wait til they bloom


March 28, 2010

March 20, 2010

Little girls morning rope

it's not about time in the morning, but about style

more fabrics to choose from

March 16, 2010

shopping totes

no plastic anymore

February 06, 2010

be my valentine

easy * affordable * handmade

afternoon project for the little girl

seen here