November 17, 2011

In diesem Moment

Right now I'm...

listening to NPR every morning when taking the ride to pre-school. leaving late, r. very much enjoys the bird notes.

smelling the green skin of freshly fallen walnuts. 

hanging acorns on a branch.

wondering how long these perfectly yellow leaves on our tree can stand the wind. 

thinking it will likely be raining from now until the end of July again.

looking forward to winter and snow days in the mountains. 

noticing wooden train tracks under the sofa. 

calming the little girl fighting the pain of braces, 

reminding her it will not last forever - but her smile will.

finishing christmas card layouts.

filling small boxes with gifts. 

longing for the "turkey escape". 

admiring Myriam's talent to surprise her friends.

cooking coq aux vin blanc.

baking swiss chocolate & almond cookies with a parade of little kid's helping hands. 

frying eggs in bell peppers. 

feeling calm but cold. 

reading "What I loved" by Siri Hustvedt. 

sipping mulled wine.  

hoping for a quiet evening after a long day.

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

pumpkins, leaves and mossy sticks

October 23, 2011

In diesem Moment

Right now I'm...

wishing Autumn would last forever.
sipping milk & coffee.
listening to the humming of the birds in the yard.
looking at unlit candles.
seeing mushrooms on the lawn.
smelling apple crumble cake.
hanging freshly washed laundry on the drying rack.
wondering when I will ever finish sorting through the dash of fabric in my studio.
noticing patterns on the wall created by the sun.
finishing a skirt for z.
filling the front entry with pumpkins.
thinking I should start sewing the kids costumes for Halloween.
feeling happy.
longing for a wonderful evening with a new friend.
admiring Maggie's words and pictures.
hoping you all have a week full of pleasure.

September 20, 2011


Shaping the dough into irregular pieces without kneading makes dinner ready in less than 45min.

Add rosemary and garlic for a hearty taste and serve with olive oil and aged balsamic.

August 21, 2011

Kirschen & Aprikosen

We spent a HOT! weekend in Yakima, WA, staying at the Orchard Inn, a Bed & Breakfast fully embraced by cherry trees. Our wonderful host Karen offered to take home some of her most ripe fruits. (To be honest, it was more than we could eat without suffering severe tummy ache ;))

They were dark, sweet and rich in taste and after pitting (and tasting, and pitting and more tasting, of course!) I didn't mind my stained fingers, because we now have the most delicious cherry jam in the house.

We also brought home a large box of bright and juicy apricots from Johnson's Orchard, a nearby farm Karen recommended.
Some of these orange lusciousness didn't even make it home, some we used for baking and the other part is preserved in jars now.

To keep track of what's in the jars we added labels.

Punching the tags from recycled cereal boxes, printing letters and adding dates and comments regarding ingredients.

July 26, 2011


Zoe made two small bowls out of Sculpey clay the other day.

After kneading and rolling out the clay like pizza dough, she used a lavender twig and a leaf from the hydrangea bush, to add beautiful patterns.

We baked the bowls in the oven, let them cool and smoothed the edges with some sanding paper.

Although I expected the clay to be slightly heavier and therefore sturdier, the bowls make a perfect spot to put in jewelery or tiny collectables.

June 30, 2011


half a yard of very soft, but sturdy linen
polka dots from an old babies sleeping bag
lace and thread out of grandma's treasure box

my every day purse for this summer

May 22, 2011


My little niece came over from Switzerland - she really is one happy sunshine.

May 19, 2011

erste Hilfe

DYI masking tape

* fabric adhesive tape (eg. micropore for taping gauze on)
* waxed paper/ baking paper/ freezer paper work just fine
* ink pads in various colors
* a selection of stamps - we carved our own

it takes less than 10 minutes

to add some beautiful touches to presents and packaging

leftovers stored on an antique spool

May 01, 2011


Adding a teepee to the back yard is like doubling the fun & joy for kids and parents.

Inspired by Crafting a meaningful home a crafting book including 27 DIY projects to tell stories, hold memories and celebrate family heritage.

April 25, 2011


Easter muffin eggs

I have been making Eierkuchen for the past few years to surprise family and friends on our traditional walk on Easter Sunday.

To make them start collecting egg shells early enough, you'll need quite a few, since they tend to disappear quickly. Wash the shells gently with hot water and keep them in a dry and save spot. Remember these little fellows are very delicate and break easily - especially with kids near by ;)

Prepare you favorite muffin butter and fill the eggs using a teaspoon, about half way.

To prevent them from falling over fill a baking tin with salt and place eggs on it. (Do NOT use sugar, it'll melt.)

Enjoy and have a Happy Easter!

April 24, 2011


this years Easter basket we brought home from the beach.

March 17, 2011

ten things 03/11

- delayed -

Ten things (more or less) first introduced by Myriam in January

March ~ ten things on how we try to live, improve or encourage to live a *green* life

*01 no plastic bags for shopping. As simple as it sounds to most of you in Europe, it doesn't go without saying here in the US.

*02 King County Library System offers a wide variety of books. I'd rather check their shelves first instead of purchasing straight away - not to mention it safes money as well.

*03 We have one car only, although living in a suburb of Seattle. It's doable, just a matter of organization, car pooling or public transportation, my husband rides the bike to work.

*04 Talking about car pooling: I tried to encourage the families in our school to walk to school or ride the school bus on a regular basis. I could not have imagined how hard it would be convincing people to walk and enjoy fresh air/ the company of classmates, instead of stoically driving to school every morning, waiting in line for 5-10 min for drop-off.
It's my goal to work on this in the future, any suggestions on how to succeed are very much appreciated.

*05 We buy local whenever we can. At the PCC, directly from the farm or during summer month at our nearby farmers markets.

*06 We'd rather purchase less products which last, quality
, but should pay more attention to where they come from.

*07 We are trying to teach the kids values, make them strong enough to fully embrace their life's, whilst caring about others and environment.


This list is endless and I'd rather not sound too pathetic, but one step backwards and slowing down life just a little would actually help a lot in making this world even more enjoyable

March 10, 2011

keep calm and lure spring

#5 Lavendelblau - lavender blue

The sky over Seattle at some summer night.

March 08, 2011


wooden stamps from Maiwa at Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.

Our first ever fabric printing experience,

came out quite nicely and even survived the process of washing afterwards

More to come!