January 21, 2011



two of one kind* - for two friends of mine -

may they help make time fly until we meet again

*used my own photographs, cut them in half

January 13, 2011

ten things 01/11

~ A wonderful idea created by lovely Myriam, a freelance designer from Germany. ~

it's about

ten things I would like to learn,
ten things I love to eat
ten things on how to live a green life
ten things I enjoy most
ten things ... that come to our mind around the tenth of each month emphasized by doodles, photographes, ...

~ Ten things I'm planning on doing this year.

*01 go to Portland, OR this spring

*02 just sit down with a cup of tea and listen ~ to the kids, nature, music ...

*03 send out birthday cards in time ;)

*04 do at least one new hike a month with the family

*05 be more relaxed in terms of just letting thing be the way they are, even though they're not perfect

*06 plan a summer party with friends and neighbors

*07 start running again in order to be fit to

*08 learn to ski (to catch up with the rest of my family)

*09 attend Bachs christmas oratoria in my hometown Dresden, Germany

*10 stay happy and healthy