February 25, 2011

keep calm and lure spring

#3 Lagunentuerkis - lagoon turquoise

The Schwebebahn Dresden/ Germany is the oldest suspension railway (hanging monorail) in the world.

Looking at the picture, lots of wonderful childhood memories come up.


One pearl for every family member - my best friend from school embraced his second daughter last year.

May this tree brighten up her room's wall.

*all made from scraps and collectibles, inspired by a crafts book I borrowed from the library, I'll pass on the credit if I find it again :S

February 17, 2011

keep calm and lure spring

#2 Pfefferminzgruen - peppermint green

Avalon dairy - the oldest continuously operating Dairy in B.C.

February 10, 2011

ten things 02/11

Ten things first introduced by Myriam in January

February ~ ten things I can't do without while working creatively

*01 good tools and fabrics from my moms and grand moms

*02 my family ...

*03 as well as time on my own,

*04 gifts of nature

*05 good lighting

*06 an organized work space

*07 music

*08 a variation of good paper ...

*09 the view out of my window

*10 my camera

keep calm and lure spring

#1 Limettengruen - lime green

One of the many plants growing in our house adding fresh touches to those often gray and rainy days here in the Pacific Northwest.

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February 03, 2011



the most relaxing way of crocheting I've done so far

best side effect: it protects the furniture when kids use it for playing ;)