March 17, 2011

ten things 03/11

- delayed -

Ten things (more or less) first introduced by Myriam in January

March ~ ten things on how we try to live, improve or encourage to live a *green* life

*01 no plastic bags for shopping. As simple as it sounds to most of you in Europe, it doesn't go without saying here in the US.

*02 King County Library System offers a wide variety of books. I'd rather check their shelves first instead of purchasing straight away - not to mention it safes money as well.

*03 We have one car only, although living in a suburb of Seattle. It's doable, just a matter of organization, car pooling or public transportation, my husband rides the bike to work.

*04 Talking about car pooling: I tried to encourage the families in our school to walk to school or ride the school bus on a regular basis. I could not have imagined how hard it would be convincing people to walk and enjoy fresh air/ the company of classmates, instead of stoically driving to school every morning, waiting in line for 5-10 min for drop-off.
It's my goal to work on this in the future, any suggestions on how to succeed are very much appreciated.

*05 We buy local whenever we can. At the PCC, directly from the farm or during summer month at our nearby farmers markets.

*06 We'd rather purchase less products which last, quality
, but should pay more attention to where they come from.

*07 We are trying to teach the kids values, make them strong enough to fully embrace their life's, whilst caring about others and environment.


This list is endless and I'd rather not sound too pathetic, but one step backwards and slowing down life just a little would actually help a lot in making this world even more enjoyable

March 10, 2011

keep calm and lure spring

#5 Lavendelblau - lavender blue

The sky over Seattle at some summer night.

March 08, 2011


wooden stamps from Maiwa at Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.

Our first ever fabric printing experience,

came out quite nicely and even survived the process of washing afterwards

More to come!

March 03, 2011

umhuellt II

a joyful way to work with mini mochi yarn

it's slow striping vibrant colors turned into shawls,

50g/ 1 ball of light coziness hugging the toddler's neck

100g/ 2 balls for the older kids