August 21, 2011

Kirschen & Aprikosen

We spent a HOT! weekend in Yakima, WA, staying at the Orchard Inn, a Bed & Breakfast fully embraced by cherry trees. Our wonderful host Karen offered to take home some of her most ripe fruits. (To be honest, it was more than we could eat without suffering severe tummy ache ;))

They were dark, sweet and rich in taste and after pitting (and tasting, and pitting and more tasting, of course!) I didn't mind my stained fingers, because we now have the most delicious cherry jam in the house.

We also brought home a large box of bright and juicy apricots from Johnson's Orchard, a nearby farm Karen recommended.
Some of these orange lusciousness didn't even make it home, some we used for baking and the other part is preserved in jars now.

To keep track of what's in the jars we added labels.

Punching the tags from recycled cereal boxes, printing letters and adding dates and comments regarding ingredients.