November 17, 2011

In diesem Moment

Right now I'm...

listening to NPR every morning when taking the ride to pre-school. leaving late, r. very much enjoys the bird notes.

smelling the green skin of freshly fallen walnuts. 

hanging acorns on a branch.

wondering how long these perfectly yellow leaves on our tree can stand the wind. 

thinking it will likely be raining from now until the end of July again.

looking forward to winter and snow days in the mountains. 

noticing wooden train tracks under the sofa. 

calming the little girl fighting the pain of braces, 

reminding her it will not last forever - but her smile will.

finishing christmas card layouts.

filling small boxes with gifts. 

longing for the "turkey escape". 

admiring Myriam's talent to surprise her friends.

cooking coq aux vin blanc.

baking swiss chocolate & almond cookies with a parade of little kid's helping hands. 

frying eggs in bell peppers. 

feeling calm but cold. 

reading "What I loved" by Siri Hustvedt. 

sipping mulled wine.  

hoping for a quiet evening after a long day.