March 27, 2012

In diesem Moment

Right now I'm...

wishing for some warmer weather
sipping raw goat milk
listening to the first sonatina played by z.

looking forward to summer vacation in europe
watching birds on our lawn collecting scraps of moss for their nests
smelling fresh water cress by the kitchen window
dyeing wooden eggs for easter
noticing crisp buds poking out to catch some spring air

finishing a creme white mohair scarf
admiring the daily pearl's fine art of weaving
cutting fabric to start the next collection of coats
thinking brown and mustard would be a wonderful combination
feeling cold
longing for sunshine
cooking creme of wheat for the kids
baking bits and pieces from my still growing collection
reading the national geographic magazine
enjoying tuesday afternoons


  1. These are lovely-just like you! I am honored to know you....

  2. Hallo, vielen Dank für deinen Besuch. Leider bin ich in englisch nicht so gut. Aber deine Fotos sind auch schön ;-). Viele Grüße Christin